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Note: don't forget to read the Terms & Conditions before sending your order.



“My Account"

What is that?

On your first order at our online store, of course have to fill out a form with your data. By confirming this form (even if you fail to complete the order) is automatically created a user record in our database. Since that time, you automatically receive a welcome e-mail which tells your costumer code and password that is the data that you need each time that you access to "My Account". If in the future want to make other orders, no need to re-fill your data, only need to log in using your customer and password codes.


What do I have to do if I forget my password?

In the form of access to "My Account" asks you to identify with your costumer and password codes. If you have forgotten, there is a button "remember password" that automatically generates an email that you receive immediately which will give you your new password.


Privacy Policy

Once again, we insist that strictly abide by current Spanish legislation for the protection of personal data. You can view our Privacy Policy here.



What I have to do if I am wrong after confirming the purchase?

Immediately send us an email to, writing the reference number order (contained in the email that automatically receives a confirmation of your purchase), so we can immediately cancel the order wrong. Then, you must write a new order, we will process normally 


PayPal payment

What is it?

It is the most popular ultra-secure online payments site, and World wide market leader. With PayPal you can also pay by electronic funds transfer immediately (which they call "Standard payment”).


What do I have to do if the first payment with PayPal?

By choosing this option in the order, after confirm your order, our website automatically takes you to the secure paypal website for payment. Once there, if it is your first time at PayPal you must register by completing a form with your details and your credit card or bank account. Then you can make the transaction. Since that time, already have a PayPal account you can use for future purchases online at any store. If you already had a PayPal account before, you only need to identify with your email and password.


Will PayPal charge me any fees or expenses?

No, both registration (general register) and payments (credit card or standard) are free to the buyer.


Deadline. When will I receive my order?

Upon receipt of the payment, we process the order (if you choose to transfer, at the time of deposit account or receive the voucher by email. If you choose Credit Card or PayPal, in a few seconds receive confirmation that the payment was successful.) 24 hours after receiving the order, the goods are issued by a transport company, and is normally delivered within 2 days 


How I can pay?

There are 3 possibilities:

a) Bank transfer. When you confirm the order, automatically receives email vouchers which indicate the bank account number.

b) By credit card or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS), using the secure server SERVIRED (Banco Sabadell). By choosing this option in the order, after you confirm your order, our web server automatically takes SERVIRED insurance for payment. Therefore, you do not notify any information of your card in our store.

c) By PayPal. By choosing this option in the order, after you confirm your order our website automatically takes you to PayPal's secure server for payment. With PayPal you can pay by credit or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) and may also pay by electronic funds transfer (which they call "standard system").


Transport cost

Your order will be added a fixed charge of € 10 + VAT for transportation costs of goods. For shipments outside the Spain peninsular territory and Baleares Islands, please ask for cost.


Volume Discount?

If your order is more than 10 units of a particular article, you may request a budget from the "Contact". Indicate the reference in Article of interest.


Order at any time?

Of course, 24 hours, 365 days a year. Obviously, the order picking and shipping goods will be held in working days


Order by Phone or Fax?

It is not possible. Only through the shopping cart in our store, because the computer system is integrated with the web site


Sending invoice

A few days after ordering, ADW will send by post the invoice


Still have questions?

If you have any other questions to make, please contact us using the form at the section “Contact”, and we will answer today or the next working day, if you are writing on holidays. You can also contact us by telephone at +34 934 770 477 on workdays